Welcome to the new SmartSystem

When you have one or more SmartSensors, you can start to use the SmartSystem

The SmartSystem is a midleware that sits between the RMS(RCS64, SSDC or PCLC) and the physical devices (APB and SmartSensor). The SmartSystem hijacs the communication to these devices and add a bunch of possibilities:

  • You can have as many pitlanes as you like.
  • You can have as many S/F line as you like.
  • You can run the SmartSensor in SS mode even on SSDC and PCLC for added Pit stability.
  • Remove the Powerbase from your layout to enhance the look of your track.
  • 100% compatible with all existing SmartSensors (however their might be a need for a new FW but this will be managed by the SmartSystem app).
  • Powerbase simulation for debug, test and learning (Run RMS software without being near your track).
  • Minimum extra requirement for the PC running RMS (Win 7 and up).
  • Runs on your existing computer.
  • All attached SmartSensors will have enabled StartLight.
  • Step 1 in a platform for a lot of future development.
  • Free 🙂
DrawingTrack1 DrawingTrack2

The pictures indicate the number of SmartSensors (black box) needed to have 2 pitlanes, and 4 S/F lines, if using or not using the APB  sensors (only C7042).


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