Choose the Smartsensor type (1.5m or 5m) and shipping location

For DK ad EU, shipping can be up to a week, for world, it can be up to three weeks. To save cost, sensors are shipped without T&T.

2×1.5m sensor, shipping to DK €67,00 EUR + Tax(25%)
2x5m sensor, shipping to DK €73,00 EUR + Tax(25%)
2×1.5m sensor, shipping to EU €69,00 EUR + Tax(25%)
2x5m sensor, shipping to EU €75,00 EUR + Tax(25%)
2×1.5m sensor, shipping to world €71,00 EUR
 2x5m sensor, shipping to world €77,00 EUR

Sensor Lead only including postage:

2×1.5m sensor, shipping to DK €20 EUR + Tax(25%)
2x5m sensor, shipping to DK €24 EUR + Tax(25%)
2×1.5m sensor, shipping to EU €20 EUR + Tax(25%)
2x5m sensor, shipping to EU €24 EUR + Tax(25%)
2×1.5m sensor, shipping to world €20 EUR
 2x5m sensor, shipping to world €24 EUR

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  1. how long our the leads to the sensors. I have a very long pit lane track is on a 8 x16 table and pit in and out are in the corners dia from each other and the computer is on the back side of the track by the 32″ tv. so im going to need some very long cables to reach. I have pics on slotcar forum under park side race way if you need to see what I’m talking about. thanks Dan

    1. Hi Dan

      Thank you for your interest in the SmartSensor

      The sensor have a 1.5 meter (7.5 feet) or a 5 meter (15 feet) wire to the sensor. The wire is splitable, so you can have up to 5 meter from the box in one direction to pit-in and 5 meter in another direction to pit-out. also you can have an up to 5 meter USB cable from computer to the box. If this is not enough, please contact me, and I will give you a price for a longer 2×10 meter(30 feet) wire.

      Hope this answer helps you, if not, please contact me again.

      Happy new year


    1. Hi Peter

      Good and bad news…

      Currently the Smartsensor setup does not work with two Pits…


      Im working on a software to install on the RMS computer. When running, you can have as many SmartSensors connected as you like to have, and use them as Pit sensors or as S/F sensors. This way you can have many pits, and you can have many lanes in you S/F. You can even remove the powerbase and only attached it by electricaly to you track, or disable the sensor in it, so you only use the SmartSensors.

      I will release this setup in Januaty 2016, but the first release will not have support for extra S/F in combination with RCS64, but it will work with SSDC and PC-lab-counter.

      To use this you need to buy 2 smartsensors, one for each pit.

      I hope this will answer your question, else please contact me again.



  2. Thanks Kare, I currently use RCS64 so will wait for the new releases. I am really looking forward to 2016 what with the new update to RCS64 & your news. Happy New Year to you.
    Kind regards

  3. Bonjour,

    Je souhaite acquérir un système permettant d’arrêter les voitures aux stand pour la gestion des pleins via pclapcounter sur mon circuit scalextric (géré par la PB6).
    J’ai pu voir qu’il fallait une Pit Pro” deluxe”
    Est ce que le smartsensor me permettrait de faire la même chose que le pit pro ?

    J’espère que vous comprenez le français 😉
    Merci pour vos réponse et bonne année 2016.


    1. Hi Nico

      I do not understand frensh .. sorry

      But google translate does 🙂

      If I understand you correct, you ask if the SmartSensor can do the same as PitPro. The answer is yes, and more too, its more reliable and have interface for startlights.

      Hop this answer you question, if not, please contact me again.

      Kindly Kåre

      Je ne comprends pas frensh .. Désolé

      Mais Google traduction ne 🙂

      Si je comprends bien vous corrigez , demandez-vous si le SmartSensor peut faire la même chose que PitPro . La réponse est oui, et plus encore, sa plus fiables et ont interface pour startlights .

      Hop cette réponse vous remettez en question , sinon , s’il vous plaît contactez-moi à nouveau .

      Veuillez Kåre

    1. Hi Marius

      The sensor ships with a 0,5 meter(1,5 feet) USB cable. I dont make the startlights, because everyone whant this build their own way, so it fits on their track. But I have plans (without any idea about when), to make a kit.


  4. Hi
    I have bought a set of smartsensor and wonder which one is entry and exit? I’m using it in PP mode for SSDC.

    1. Hi Peter

      Im so sorry, the site didnt send med me any notification about your comment 🙁

      Just install the sensors, and after it you can test it:

      1. Power up the the smartsensor without starting the RMS software.
      2. Run a car over the sensor, and count the number of blinks on the 6 diodes on the SmartSensor Box.
      3. If the direction is wrong, you can change it with RCS64, or The SmartSensor utility you can download on this site 🙂

      Hope this helps

    1. Hi Mark

      Im so sorry, the site didnt send med me any notification about your comment 🙁

      Please contact me via mail, and I will resolve your inquery

      If I didnt send you a mail telling you something different, your sensor was shipped out the same day as you ordered it.


  5. Hi Kare

    I’m not sure if my post worked the other day so apologies for duplicating. Will the Smart System allow us to use sector timings on RCS64, I’m looking to use them to improve the pace cars on my circuit? I have Pit Pro so I was thinking having sectors in quarters around the track using my existing start & finish piece.


  6. Hi Kare,
    I think one of the two optical sensors on my smartsensor has failed (after working very well for a couple of months). Do you supply replacement optical sensors or could you provide details of a compatible optical sensor which I could solder into the lead?

  7. Hello, I ordered August 21 on your site a smartsensor, I have received proof of payment paypal, but I have no news from you. Could you please give me information about my order?

  8. Questions. I have Scalextric track with the 6 car power station and the Scalextric pit lane game. What sensor do I need to purchase for both to work? I see you have multiple options above, I don’t know what one is right for me….

    Also, will the sensor above work with the pit lane game automatically?


    1. Hi

      Sory for the late answer, the mail settings on my site was wrong, so I didnt get you question before now 🙁

      The setup only support 1 pit in and one pit out. That said, you can wire additional sensors in paralel so you can get 4 sensors on in and out. This do however mean that they work as one, so to two cars passes over 2 pit in or 2 pit out in the exact same time, it will jam the signals, and neither will be detected at worst. For your setup you would need 1 SmartSensor, and 3 aditional sensorwires, once installed, then cut the cabels and connect all the sensor wires togheter by colour.

      I hope this make sense, and again sorry for the delay



  9. Hi, I was trying to download the smart system but the link took me to an invalid page. Are you still doing it?

  10. I have dismantled my track moving house and require another cable as I have damaged the sensors of the one I have, in the move.
    You don’t list a price for replacement cables, how can I get one please? Or even just replacement sensors, I could solder them on myself.
    Just need to know how to get up and running again please.

  11. Hello I am very interested in you system, but I wonder if you can tell me how does the sensor read the ID of the Car as I understand that the digital communications is all thru the Track/Power base and the optical sensor is only detecting the lane change signal ?

    Would you be willing to share the technical info on this part or where you found it out.

    1. Hi, I Cant find the page where I got the info, but basically the cars IR-LED will blink out a pattern of blink, pause, blink, the lenth of the pause between the blink, reflects the ID of the Car. When doing lane change, the blink/pause is inversed.

      hope this helps

  12. Hi there 🙂

    Is the smart sensor still available ?

    I’m hoping to have pit lane control up and running with RCS64 for Christmas.


    The links on RCS64 site are broken

  13. Perhaps you can help.
    A question I have raised on Slotforum, I am currently getting to grips with RCS64 on my recently completed layout.
    If you take a look at the link below, it shows pictures of my track and pitlane set up. As you will see it’s all very permanent with a very short pit lane.
    I was thinking of cutting slots in the baseboard beneath openings in the guide slots at the very start and end of the pit lane track pieces. Then affixing the sensors accordingly.
    Would you think however given the short pit lane and mounting the sensors on an albeit a very shallow curve would make the whole process unworkable?

    1. Hi
      I think i could work. But you have to think about speed. the LED on the car is placed so if the car slides out, the sensor will not see the LED, but I guess in such a short pit, you will be driving slowly prior to entering the pit, and then i schouldnt be an issue.

  14. Kare
    Many thanks for the response. I have just placed an order with yourselves for the unit and 1.5m leads and sensors.
    I look forward to receiving the item accordingly.
    I think, given that having a pit feature for a pacer car is my primary objective, there maybe some interesting problem solving ahead for me!
    Keith Shayle

    1. Hi Keith
      Thank you for the order, Ill pack and ship it tonight. It used to take about a week in shipping, but I guess no one can say in these times :-0

      Stay safe, and let me know if you have any questions

  15. When using Smartsensors in conjunction with RCS64, is it possible to reverse the IN and OUT sensors using the software without physically switching them?

  16. Hi

    I am looking at getting sensors for my slot car track, I understand that the scalextric arc pro isn’t something that lines up with your sensors, however, the major goal is to have a speed limit in my pit lane and I would also like a light system as well.

    I eventually hope I can write or get some code to make it compatible to the Arc pro system.

    Is this something I can do with you sensors (if so what products do I get?) or do you have any suggestions on where I can get this for my set?

    thanks for your assistance

  17. Hi

    if I was wanting to buy a smart sensor for my track what do I need?

    I am looking to modulate pit speed and also have a lighting system connected to software.

    Thanks in advance

    1. To get that setup you need a computer running RMS software, ie. RMS64, a cable connection the Powerbase to the computer, and a smartsensor. Last build a light system, that connects to the SmartSensor plug

      1. Thanks Kåre,

        So what is included in the Smartsensor purchase and what is the difference between the smartsensor and the Sensor Lead?

        I look forward to making a purchase soon



        1. Hi Liam

          You will get the smartsensor box, including a 1,5m or 5mr lead to sensors ( 1 in + 1 out sensor), some sticky tape to attach the sensors to the track, and a 30cm usb A/B (printercable) for the connection to computer

  18. Hi,
    I’m interested in the smartsensor. I want to know if still available to purchase?

    Thanks in advance

          1. Hi Kåre,
            Hope everything is well, I want to know if you have shipped the sensors or is a problem with the order? Please let me know and stay safe.

          2. Hi Compy
            Everything is fine, I shipped the sensor the day after your ordered, you can expect 1-3 weeks in transit. I do not use T&T as this will be very expensive, but until now 100% of my shipments have arrived. If the sensor has not arrived by end of next week, let me know, and Ill ship another one for you. Hope this is ok.

  19. Okay no worries, let give this and next week to be sure. I will let you know when it arrives. Take care and have a great week!


  20. Hi,
    Hope everything is going well. Just to let you know that it arrived few days ago. Thanks again for your help and communication 🙏.

    Take care and stay safe!

  21. Hi Kåre,
    ordered and paid a smart sensor last week and just want to know that it is on its way.
    Best regards,
    peter kammensjö

  22. Hej Kåre

    Jeg har bestilt en pit sensor med 5 meter ledning.
    Har ikke fået en ordrebekræftelse eller noget som helst.
    Kan se du har hævet pengene.

    Så ????????

  23. Ordered the smart sensor a few months ago. Was waiting to rebuild my track before installing it. Installed but can’t seem to get it to work. Friend has the same setup. Say the sensor work fine on his track but the box no.

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