Install and test

This page describes the steps for installing and testing the SmartSensor



Manual for installation and usage Read before installation

1. Download the drivers: Or CH341SER depending on type (check manual)

2. Install the two sensors – see Manual for detailed instructions on how to install the sensors on the track

3. Plug in the USB and connect to the PC
The SmartSensor powers up and all LEDs light up

4. Test the sensors
Run a car over each sensor and the corresponding LED blinks 1 time for Pit in and twice for Pit out  (you can change pit in/out in debug software)

5. Install the serial port drivers
If not automatically detected, install the downloaded drivers (see manual for details.)

6. Start your RMS software and set it up for the SmartSensor or PitPro
See the manual for your RMS software on how to do this


Sensor-install Sensor3

The black optical head is facing up through the existing cut-outs in the track pieces.
If cars are used on the track, use two pieces of tape, one on each side of the sensor to ensure clearance between the sensor and the guide-rail.
The sensors are best placed after a length of straight lane as it only picks up the car if the sensors can “see” the optical sensor.

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