About the SmartSensor

The SmartSensor can be used to sense a car entering or exiting the pits or,
when used with RCS64, they can be used for the timing of individual sectors of the track.
It have been tested successfully with Scalextric and Slot-IT chips/LEDs.The Smart Sensor has 3 modes:

  • Smart Sensor – mode (SS):
    In this mode RCS64 (F1 Edition only) will keep track of the pit status, pit entry and exit of all cars through using the information received from the Smart Sensor.
  • Pit-Pro mode (PP):
    Makes it compatible with PCLapcounter, SSDC and all other Pit Pro compatible Race Management Systems (Check that your chosen RMS supports Smart Sensors).

The SmartSensor has an interface for start lights (RCS64 only)

The sensor is very small and can therefore be placed anywhere on your track without modification

Sensor2 Sensor Sensor3-150x150

the sensors are attached to the track using double-sided tape directly underneath the track facing up though the existing cut-outs in the track


The SmartSensor (103x61x31mm) is easy to hide at or near the track, 2m sensorwires (5m on request) ensures high installation flexibility

The arduino pins for startlight is accesible through a RJ45 connection in the box, so setting up startlights is straightforward.

Car Info

The SmartSensor is tested with following cars brands:

  • ScaleXtric
  • Slot.It

RMS Info

The SmartSensor is tested with following RMS:

Racing electronics for SSDC